Into the Streets and to the Polls for Democracy & Human Rights

Jul 2, 2022 | PDA Blog

Randy Shannon, Secretary, PDA Board of Directors

The recent far-right Supreme Court majority has unleashed an unprecedented attack on our human rights. Many of us have acted publicly to express our anger and rejection of these decisions.

Now the Court has agreed to hear a case that will allow it to overturn our long tradition of popular electoral democracy. This case will allow the Court to establish a long-advocated far right alternative to our present system. It will establish that state legislatures will have the ultimate power to decide election results and appoint electors to the Electoral College.

Yes, it’s very important to vote on Tues. Nov. 8th against the Republican thugs serving the Billionaire Class. And we should mobilize to get out the vote.

But without massive demonstrations before and after Nov. 8th the election won’t stop the Billionaire Class from accelerating their drive toward dictatorship over a subjugated US population.

What’s required is hundreds of thousands rallying and marching in every city. Again, and again. What’s required is a national student moratorium and marches. Massive actions will intimidate the elite and their far-right militias. Actions must start locally and continue until the election and then resume. 

The goal must be to build vigils and rallies and mass marches to a decisive force. A study by Ellen Chenoweth shows that 3.5% of the population in non-violent mass action will change a regime. We must act to block the Billionaire Class and open paths to a better future.

PDA can become a force in building a broad movement for Democracy and Human Rights that encompasses all the sectors of our people who are angry, upset, disturbed, and confused by this sudden turn toward an authoritarian regime. 


  1. Claire Hudac

    We are so angry

  2. Ryan Duncanwood