Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2023: Celebration, Commemoration, and a Call to Action

Oct 9, 2023 | PDA News

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day with Words and Action


Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day in some 29 states, plus the District of Columbia and a number of cities. Some states use different names; some celebrate on different dates.

Despite genocide, colonization, and concerted attempts at cultural obliteration and appropriation, Native societies have persevered and continue to flourish. Today we celebrate their resilience and commemorate  past wrongs and injustices perpetrated on our Native Sisters and Brothers.

Words matter. Actions matter more. PDA joins Native American activists and allies to stop construction on invasive pipelines, end domestic fossil fuel subsidies, put people and planet over profit in federal policy and budget priorities, expand healthcare to everyone, enable voting rights and accessibility to all eligible citizens, and accelerate the search for missing and murdered Native women and girls.

Click here to volunteer on environmental projects, universal healthcare access, voting rights, and criminal justice reform. It is vital that we celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day with actions as well as words.

In solidarity,

Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team