In Case He Tries — Trump is Not Above the Law

Nov 1, 2017

By   Donna Smith and Mike Fox for the national PDA team

We have stayed clear of much of the controversy surrounding the Russia investigation and Trump’s assertions around that. We have preferred to allow that process to proceed while keeping ourselves focused on the task at hand — resisting the terrible policy moves and plans of radical right wing interests  led by a president apparently unable to respect his office or the Constitution he has been sworn to uphold. By now it is painfully clear to all of us that upholding the law is not something those currently in power feel compelled to do.  So, we stand ready to compel them.

PDA will continue insisting on progressive policy solutions — like Medicare for all, climate justice, and a clean DACA bill — and PDA will also be prepared with our allies to rise when Trump or his devotees attempt to avoid the scrutiny of the Mueller investigation.  Several groups are working together to be prepared to respond rapidly should the need arise to make it clear that Donald Trump is not above the law.  Should he attempt to fire the special prosecutor or shut down the investigation before it reaches its natural conclusion, those who join this effort will be quickly alerted to appropriate ways to respond most effectively.

Sign up to attend one of the hundreds of rapid response events here.

One of the good things coming out of this difficult period for our nation and our planet is the solidarity many groups are showing as we stand shoulder-to-shoulder at the barricades.  No one is above the law.  No matter who we may be or our stations in life, no one of us is above the law. Our strength is our solidarity.

See you in the streets!


Donna Smith and Mike Fox for the national PDA team