Honor Medicare’s 52nd Anniversary — Healthcare Justice

Jul 30, 2017

By Progressive Democrats of America

It is really pretty straightforward now. The most recent defeat of the “skinny repeal bill” in the Senate offers the most real opening for progress on our effort achieve Medicare for all. The path to healthcare justice has never been more clearly in focus. On July 30, 1967, Medicare was born in the United States. It is well past time to improve and expand Medicare to cover everyone in this nation.

Let’s all sign up to be a part of our visits to local Congressional Offices during the August Congressional recess to support the People’s Platform, including HR676, Medicare for all.

Also, sign up for the webinar tonight, Sunday July 30, 2017 4PM PT/ 7PM ET to learn more about how we’re going to stand up for Medicare for all, voting rights, the climate emergency, and much more through the Summer for Progress.

Thank you to our allies at National Nurses United for the comparisons below. Save and share this with everyone you know. Have conversations with your neighbors, colleagues and friends. The Trumpublican push to gut access to healthcare, convert Medicare to a voucher-based system, and even dismantle the Medicaid expansion will not end unless and until we demand the only solution that ends this insanity and provides cradle to grave coverage for all — expanded and improved Medicare. We can do this. It is what the majority of Americans want. Medicare for all. For life.

Please consider throwing $52 our way in honor of the work we have done and will keep doing to achieve Medicare for all as a reality.  The donation link is below.  Though we are always grateful for the signs and messaging NNU generously shares with their allies, replenishing our own signs and supplies is necessary from time to time.  Even if $5.20 is what you can spare, please donate.  Intense effort produces results, and intense effort requires sufficient resources and focus.  Thanks for always caring enough to read, share, engage and give.  As Bernie tells us all, if we work together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.


Progressive Democrats of America