Here’s How We Beat Trump. You In?

Oct 13, 2020

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team


Berniecrats Beat Trump
And Build A More Progressive Congress

It’s really so simple.  If every one of us just commits to talking to targeted voters for just an hour here and an hour there, there’s no question that we win.

The only thing preventing us from winning, is us. 

We need to all come together as a team.  A tightly knit community that has each others’ backs, and will commit to just simply talk to others and make sure they vote.

If we do this, we save our republic.  If not, we just might lose it.

Join us as we lay out the path to stunning victory, and how you play a role in it.

Beat Trump And Elect Progressives Team Call
Thurs., Oct. 15
9pm Eastern; 8pm Central; 7pm Mountain; 6pm Pacific.
Register here to get the secure log in codes.

Can’t make the call but want to volunteer?  Click here.

Can’t volunteer?  Contribute here..

We’ve never seen an “all hands on deck” moment like this.  We can defeat Trump.  It’s just going to take you, me, and every progressive we know working to make this happen.

Thanks so much for anything you can do to make a history-making difference.