Here’s A Huge List Of Congressional Candidates Who Will Make A Real Difference

May 6, 2020

In solidarity with a more progressive world for all,

Mike Fox for Alan, Dr. Bill, Dan, Donna, Janis, Deb. Kimberly, Bryan, and Mike H. — Your PDA National Team


Help Us Support Our Awesome Nationally-Endorsed Congressional Candidates


While most of the buzz this election cycle has been about presidential candidates — and we must defeat Trump in November — we’re not only going to need a healthy increase in the number of progressives in Congress, but our push in their districts will also help drive out vote for the top of the ticket in the process.

Whether it’s longtime progressive leaders like Barbara Lee in CA, Ed Markey in MA, or Marc Pocan in WI, or newcomer incumbents like Pramila Jayapal in WA, AOC in NYC, and Ro Khanna in CA, or inspiring upstarts who have won a primary like Marie Newman in IL or have primaries coming, like Kara Eastman in NE and Mike Siegel in TX , we’re proud to be endorsing these folks and more.

Click here for an impressive list, click on the $ under their picture to give all that you can to a candidate or two.

Can’t give money?  Then give us some time and we’ll give you a project that will make a real difference.

While we certainly need to work to defeat Trump, in the worst case scenario of a second Trump term, we’re going to need real fighters in Congress.  Let’s make sure all these folks are there to lead the fight.