Here are some progressive champions worth helping

Feb 8, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

Support These Great PDA-Endorsed Candidates,
With More Coming Soon



Since our inception in 2004, we have been endorsing and helping the top tier of progressive champions in DC, and challengers to corporate Dems.

They must check all the right boxes in order to get the national nod. Expanded and Improved Medicare For All? Check. Green New Deal and other aggressive enviro-legislation? Check. Living wage and the right to unionize? Check. Fair taxation and big money out of politics? Check. Racial and immigration justice? Check. Peace and an end to the military industrial complex’s hold on our government? You bet.

For these reasons and more, PDA is so proud to promote our endorsements, and we ask that you click here to support one or more of these true progressive juggernauts.

Or, you can support our efforts for them all with a single click by becoming a monthly sustainer. 

Can’t give money? Then please give some time volunteering.

Thanks so much for anything you can do to bring home the victories for real progressives.