Here Are Some Candidates Who Will Make A Real Difference.

Jul 27, 2018

By  Mike Fox for the whole PDA national team

Support These Progressive Champions Who Have Primaries In Aug.

We at PDA have a long history of supporting only truly progressive candidates for congress, like Barbara Lee, Mark Pocan, Keith Ellison, Pramila Jayapal, Jamie Raskin, and more.

Our endorsement policy starts from the ground up, and our questionnaire is one of the most comprehensive and exacting in the activism world.  So you can rest assured if you support one of our candidates that you’ll be making a real difference.

With their elections just around the corner, please do what you can — either by donating or sending me an email at if you’re up for volunteering by working in district or on the phone from anywhere in the country.

Steve Friday, MI-07  Primary Aug. 7  QuestionnaireDonate.
Chris Smith, MI-08  Primary Aug. 7  QuestionnaireDonate.
Randy Bryce, WI-01  Primary Aug. 14  QuestionnaireDonate.
David Richardson, FL-27  Primary Aug. 28  QuestionnaireDonate.

Thanks so much for supporting these great candidates!

In solidarity for a more progressive world for all,

Mike Fox for the whole PDA national team


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