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Jan 20, 2020

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In solidarity,  Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Dr. Bill, Dan, Donna, and Janis—your PDA national team.

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With all the terrible news and the depressing impact of a reckless, lawless administration causing so much harm, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) happily announces great news on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

PDA has been organizing for the ERA for over a decade. After relentless work by countless activists, we’ve overcome daunting obstacles. Thanks to activists in Virginia—whose hard work compelled ratification in the Old Dominion—we’ve achieved ratification by 38 states.

That’s the total needed to add the ERA to the Constitution as the 28th Amendment. We’re just one Congressional Joint Resolution (to lift the arbitrary deadline from the ERA) away from ratification!

PDA has been instrumental in this historic effort. We led the way in recruiting the Senate lead-sponsor of the Congressional Joint Resolution as well as bringing on House and Senate cosponsors. We also helped organize with activists on the ground in Nevada, Illinois, and Virginia for ratification.

The photo below shows PDA and coalition activists on the day we met with dozens of Senators seeking a lead sponsor and cosponsors for the joint resolution during one of the many lobby days PDA helped convene.


We’re So Close! Please Sustain Our ERA Organizing
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The ERA used to be uncontroversial—regularly advocated in both the Republican and Democratic platforms—but the backlash against women’s rights in the form of weaponized extreme misogyny stalled the ratification process.

Now, we’re closer than ever to recognizing women’s and girls’ rights as equal to the rights of men and boys under the law.

Please pitch in now to help us make the last, needed push to achieve equal rights under the Constitution! Make this a monthly gift to greatly magnify your power.

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We’re proud to participate in the highly-effective coalition organizing by our sibling organization, People Demanding Action, led by the brilliant Andrea Miller. As Executive Director, Andrea led lobby day trainings and provided essential logistical leadership. She also helped coordinate state-by-state mobilizations, bringing together several organizations to drive progress toward ratification of the ERA.

With your generous monthly sustaining support, PDA will not only maintain our ERA ratification efforts—including lobby days, letter drops, traditional and social media, and cutting-edge technology—we will intensify our organizing to make the ERA the law of the land.

We need your sustaining support for these efforts to succeed. Please pitch in generously now to empower PDA’s ongoing and expanding work to ensure equal rights! We can’t do anything without you.

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