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Jun 26, 2022 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Mike Fox for the PDA National Team


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It seems like every day the Trumpists initiate another onslaught.

From January 6th, to the continued attacks on our democracy and right to vote, to Supreme Court decisions aimed at removing rights not only from women, but from us all, and on and on.

The only way we defeat this is with consistent, unwavering, daily pressure.

Pressure in the streets. Pressure in the suites. And pressure at the ballot box.

We’ve been doing just that since our inception in 2004, and we don’t plan on stopping.

But we need the resources to support this relentless, ongoing resistance. Please become a monthly Change Makes Change supporter now, to help us budget for the long-haul struggle.

Whether it’s $100, $50, $27, $10, or even $5 per month, your kind support will make the difference. Already a sustainer? Thank you! Please consider increasing your commitment.

Thank you so much for anything you can do, right now.