Help Us Build A Peace Movement for the 2020s and a New Era of Global Cooperation

Nov 29, 2020

For a more progressive and peaceful future,
Alan Minsky, Executive Director, for the PDA National Team

We Demand Diplomacy with Iran.

The World Needs a New Era of Cooperation to

Combat the Pandemic and the Climate Emergency

Foreign Policy is once again taking center stage. and so PDA is working overtime to build a powerful Peace Movement for the 2020s. Help sustain PDA’s work for Peace and Global Cooperation with a monthly gift.
The brazen assassination on Thursday of Moshen Fakhrizadeh, one of Iran’s leading nuclear scientists, has placed the entire Middle East on alert. The Iranians are blaming the murder on Israel. Open hostility between Israel and Iran would likely weaken the incoming Biden Administration’s capacity to make a deal with Iran about their nuclear program and help stabilize the region.
PDA condemns this act of terrorism. We call upon the incoming Biden Administration pursue an Iranian nuclear deal and a new round of diplomacy.
PDA is also working with our progressive allies to organize opposition to the hawkish Michele Flournoy, the leading candidate to be President-elect Biden’s Defense Secretary.
Most importantly, PDA recognizes this is a moment when we need a powerful Peace Movement. The Biden Administration may yet end being top-heavy with hawks and former defense industry personnel — in fact, sadly, this path seems likely. Thus, we need a mass movement, in coordination with progressive leadership in Congress, ready at a moment’s notice to speak out against any and all aggressive U.S. military action.
From our founding, PDA has always been at the heart of the U.S. Peace Movement — and we’re going to lead again against U.S. foreign aggression and adventurism. Please become a sustainer to help PDA rebuild a powerful Peace Movement for the 2020s.

The time has come for a new set of foreign policy priorities. As the pandemic and the climate emergency make crystal clear, we need a new era of international cooperation. For that reason, too, we need a strong Peace Movement. Help sustain PDA’s work for Peace with a monthly gift of $25, $10, $5, or whatever suits your budget.