Help Rashida Tlaib Win Her Re-Election Battle

Nov 5, 2019

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PDA Endorsed Rashida Tlaib for Congress
Pitch In Now to Help Her Win Re-Election!


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) endorses only the most courageous progressives, and we’ve endorsed Rashida Tlaib twice. Once in her initial campaign for Congress in 2018, and now for her re-election. Simply put, this is the single most important Congressional primary race in the country for progressives.

Rashida Tlaib is a member of “The Squad,” a no-holds-barred progressive champion, and a true American hero for the 21st Century. She understands the changes we need, and pulls no punches in demanding we make those changes!


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There is no greater advocate for the Green New Deal, Criminal Justice Reform, Medicare-for-All, Immigration Rights, Human Rights—in fact, the entire progressive agenda—than Rashida Tlaib.

Rashida faces one of the most difficult primary races of any incumbent in Congress. Her moderate opponent—who Rashida barely beat for the nomination in 2018—is expected to raise a mountain of money from conservative sources (most notably AIPAC).

The right wing wants nothing more than to defeat one of the young icons of an ascendant left, who also happens to be the bravest advocate for Palestinian human rights, perhaps in the history of the US Congress. They are not fools, they know that defeating Rashida will be a terrible blow to the progressive cause. We cannot let that happen.

PDA not only proudly endorses Rashida, we will do everything we can to work for her re-election. We hope you feel the same. Please support Rashida’s campaign and PDA’s efforts on her behalf by donating, and/or by volunteering to make calls, etc. to help Rashida win.


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