Help Progressive Superstar Kara Eastman Win & Help Defeat Trump in the process

Oct 29, 2020

Alan Minsky for your PDA National Team


Help Flip a GOP seat to Progressive Democrat
Kara Eastman in Nebraska

Kara Eastman is a great progressive candidate.  Kara supports universal single-payer health care, a strong environmental agenda, and economic policies that promote Main Street over Wall Street.

She is also running in what may turn out to be the single most important Congressional race in the history of the country. Here’s why:

Kara is running against GOP  incumbent Don Bacon in Nebraska’s 2nd district, which includes most of the Omaha metropolitan area. Nebraska is one of only two states in the county, along with Maine, that awards its electoral college votes by congressional district.

If Kara wins her race, which is a virtual tie in the polls – it’s pretty certain that Joe Biden will pick up that electoral college vote, which Donald Trump won in 2016.

How important is that? Consider this: If Trump wins every state he won in 2016, except Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona (which is a plausible outcome); then Biden and Trump will be tied at 269 electoral college votes each. If that is the case, the entire Presidential race will be determined by Maine and Nebraska’s respective 2nd Congressional Districts – i.e., by Kara’s district.

Because Kara is so progressive, her campaign has a strong capability of attracting young progressive voters who might otherwise stay home – and those young progressives won’t be voting for Donald Trump.

So, if you believe as I do, that defeating Trump is essential for the maintenance of democracy in America; then financial support for Kara Eastman just may be the best money ever spent on an American campaign.

Help PDA lift Kara Eastman to victory or volunteer for her campaign.