Help Pro-Peace Barbara Lee Win Her Upcoming Primary for Senate

Jan 9, 2024 | PDA News

Uber-Progressive, Pro-Peace Voice Barbara Lee is Exactly Who We Need in the U.S. Senate.

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Barbara_Lee2.jpgRep. Barbara Lee won the endorsement of PDA’s vast California membership with a resounding victory in a statewide digital poll, so we’re now asking PDA activists like you across the country to pile on for Barbara.

No recent member of the U.S. House has been a greater opponent of U.S. militarism, and an unrivaled advocate for peace. Lee’s legendary sole vote against going to war with Afghanistan following 9/11 was one of, if not the, bravest vote in the history of Congress—and history has proven Barbara Lee correct! If ever there was a time to elevate such moral fortitude to the Senate, these days of neo-McCarthyism fit the bill.

Also, let’s be honest, there’s no one in the U.S. Senate currently with Barbara Lee’s track record when it comes to fighting for poor, working, and middle-class communities of color—let alone opposing the whole architecture of U.S. structural racism.

On all the issues that PDA advocates for, and all of the legislation that PDA promotes, Barbara Lee either supports or leads!

Over her quarter of a century in the U.S. House, Barbara Lee has earned a place in the pantheon of Congress’s greatest progressive champions. Her consistent commitment to the people, to the planet, and to peace is unsurpassed.

Barbara Lee will be a beacon in the Senate! Let’s Get Her Elected!  Donate and/or volunteer now!

Onward to victory!

The PDA National Team