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Oct 29, 2017

By  Mike Hersh, PDA National Communications Director for Donna, Mike F., Janis, Amos, Deb, Kimberly, Dan, Judy, Dr. Bill, and Bryan—Your PDA National Team

Invest Each Month To Make A Huge Difference


Things look very bleak right now. There’s no point trying to sugarcoat that. But that doesn’t mean progressives should feel depressed or powerless. Everything can change quickly in American politics. Trump is wreaking havoc. Most Republicans are backing him so far. Fair enough. However, we do not believe this can last for long. We founded Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) in 2004 to help drive change in a beneficial direction by building up the progressive movement from the nadir we found ourselves in then. We did it before. With your help, we will do it again.

Once the easy but empty answers Trump has offered fall flat—as they already are starting to do—someone will take that opportunity to offer a better answer to the challenges everyday Americans face. Who will step forward when that door opens? Will it be progressives or someone else? Now is the time to rally, plan, and invest in a better, fairer, kinder future. Can’t you kick in at least $3 per month—a dime a day—to make sure progressives have a leading role in policy and politics?

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Opportunity Favors The Well-Prepared


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No one thought Bernie Sanders would break through the establishment stranglehold on politics, but he did. With your help and ours, he rallied millions of voters to support a $15 per hour wage, Enhanced Medicare for All, jobs for all, free college, and much more. People across the left-right spectrum support these solutions. Many of the angry voters who pushed Donald Trump into power really want and need progressive solutions that will actually address their anger and frustration—rather than just stoke and exploit that anger like Trump does. Will you help?

Please send checks to:
Kimberly Buchan, Operations Coordinator
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PDA has had remarkable success, because we offer you many benefits—like free to use action alerts, free events, and organizing calls, as well as chapter building support, “Educate Congress” letters, banners, rally signs, stickers, and other materials to empower you. Please donate now to help us support your activism. We need 100 new Change Makes Change partners by the end of November; will you be one of them?

The midterm elections are barely a year away! With this in mind, we’re trying to bring on 100 new Change Makes Change partners, to help us support great progressive candidates to stand with Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and Representatives John Conyers, Keith Ellison, Jim McGovern, Barbara Lee, Raul Grijalva, Tulsi Gabbard, Jamie Raskin, Rick Nolan, Mark Pocan, Pramila Jayapal, Ted Lieu, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Nanette Barragan, and other champions for the people. Please click here and help us get to our goal. Your $3, $5, or more per month will add up to make a big difference.

In Solidarity,

Mike Hersh, PDA National Communications Director for Donna, Mike F., Janis, Amos, Deb, Kimberly, Dan, Judy, Dr. Bill, and Bryan—Your PDA National Team

P.S. We need you to step up today on “Sustainer Sunday”, so please sustain PDA’s efforts with $25, $10, or whatever you can afford each month. We don’t spend money on fancy offices or first class air fare. We organize from home, and often crash on couches when we travel. It’s part of our organization’s culture, and we’re proud that we put our money into organizing, not frills. The savings add up over time. And we also respect and depend upon the regular influx of small dollar donations to keep the lights on. Your progressive dollar could not be better invested.