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Mar 18, 2019

In solidarity,  Alan Minsky for Deb, Mike F., Mike H., Janis, Dan, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, Bryan, and Shayna—your PDA National Team

Like Netflix for Democracy: Monthly Sustainers Help PDA Spread
Progressive Politics to Every Congressional District in the Country

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is unique among all progressive organizations in the country because we are a model of civic engagement. We practice what people are supposed to do in a healthy democracy; but which is almost non-existent in contemporary America.

How so? We have chapters across the country, in which people meet to discuss how they can hold their elected representatives accountable. Then, we petition those representatives. That is civics lesson # 1 in a representative democracy like the United States. Yet, no other progressive organization engages in this simple, and essential, practice like PDA.

Help Sustain Progressive Momentum

We need your sustaining support to achieve our shared goals
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We are not yet where we want, and need, to be: in every congressional district in the country. We want progressives to form PDA chapters in every nook and cranny across the USA. The 2020 Sanders campaign is poised to prove once again, just like it did in 2016, that millions of progressives are out there; and that they are passionate. Furthermore, polls show that on issue after issue the public agrees with us.

Still, we need people from every constituency in the land to remind their elected representatives of what people want and expect from them. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle. That’s where PDA comes in.

So, what will it take for PDA to achieve that goal? We need the resources to organize nationally; and we need to know there’s continuing support for those resources. Just like Netflix, we run on monthly sustaining donations. So, consider us the Netflix for Democracy and sign up for $10 a month. We’re over 60% of the way to our goal for sustaining donors, we only need a few thousand dollars more per month to reach our goal.

We need your sustaining support now. Please give $27, $20.20, $12, $10, or $5 as a monthly gift to keep our staffers working and our volunteers supplied with the materials they need to advocate for policies we all care about. If you can give $5 per month, that’s great! $10? Wonderful! $25? Spectacular! Whatever is good for you is great for us. Thanks so much for anything you can do right now to help us reach our sustainer goal.


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