Help PDA Return Katie Porter and Matt Cartwright to Congress

Nov 1, 2020

In solidarity,
Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

Help PDA Return Two Progressive Champions
in Close Races to Congress


PDA has endorsed 30 brilliant incumbents for re-election this year to the U S House of Representatives – but only two of these progressive champions face close races, Katie Porter in CA-45; and Matt Cartwright in PA-8. Please do what you can to help us return them both to Capitol Hill.

Katie Porter hails from the traditional Republican stronghold of Orange County, California. The GOP was furious about losing all of the Congressional seats in Orange County in 2018; but top of their hit list for 2020 is the most outspoken and progressive member from OC, Katie Porter. A staunch supporter for Medicare for All, Katie is also a powerful advocate on a range of progressive economic issues, and never pulls any punches when exposing the corruption of the Trump Administration.

Orange County may be trending blue, but it’s still a far cry from San Francisco, Berkeley, or LA. The GOP remains strong in OC and they want revenge. Consequently, Katie has the toughest re-election of any true progressive in Congress. So, PDA will do everything we can to make sure this brilliant young lawmaker returns to Washington.

Help PDA lift Katie Porter to victory with a donation or make phone calls from home on her behalf.


Matt Cartwright, the progressive Congressman from Northeast Pennsylvania and a co-sponsor of the Medicare-for-All Bill H.R. 1384, faces a tough re-election in one of the most consequential swing districts in the country.

Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional district includes Scranton, PA, Joe Biden’s original hometown. In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the district. As you can imagine, the campaigning is fierce there in 2020.

Trump would love nothing more than to win Biden’s home district, and knock out a Progressive Congressman at the same time. As such, every extra vote we can win for Rep. Cartwright is a vote against Donald Trump. This one is a two-fer.

Donate to help PDA re-elect Matt Cartwright in PA-8.  Or volunteer now!

Thanks so much for anything you can do.