Help PDA Make 2021 a Year of Progressive Change

Jan 18, 2021

In solidarity,
Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team


We Have a Lot of Work Ahead, and
We Need Your Help Today


As we anticipate momentum on progressive goals with the incoming administration, PDA recognizes the enormity of our work ahead. Trump and his enablers have perpetrated great damage to our political and cultural fabric, public confidence in the foundations of our democracy, a teetering immigration system, and the safety of our food and water. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died—many needlessly—in an out-of-control pandemic. Food and housing insecurity are rising precipitously, racial inequities have been laid bare, and state and local budgets have been devastated by federal mismanagement of COVID-19.

We demand accountability from elected officials, especially those who have enabled Trump’s worst abuses of power. The Senate must convict this twice-impeached President and bar him from holding future office.

We are already working to elect more progressive leaders like Nina Turner to Congress. It is not enough to have Democratic majorities—we need progressive champions on the Hill to advance our agenda of fairness and equity.

We are expanding our Congressional Office Liaison Program to educate members of Congress on critical issues and pieces of legislation.

Finally, we are continuing to engage and educate voters and activists with regular discussions on healthcare as a human right, ending wars and occupations, and election integrity.

All of these endeavors depend on increasing and sustaining financial support to PDA. Will you help us today with a monthly gift of $46, $27, $20.21, $10, or $5? We need your regular support now more than ever, and appreciate all that you do to achieve progressive goals.