Help PDA Combat Congressional Inaction

Oct 3, 2021 | PDA News

Debra Schrishuhn for the PDA National Team

Congress Won’t Act Unless We Push Them


Congress kicked the can down the road, keeping the government open until Dec. 3 and extending highway funding for 30 days. Possible default still looms around October 18, and the fate of both infrastructure bills and a voting rights bill remains unresolved. Sen. Joe Manchin has named a few demands; Sen. Kyrsten Sinema left DC to party with some major donors. Well, they say an honest politician is one who stays bought.

PDA is working 24/7 to keep pressure on these recalcitrant Democratic Senators even as progressives in the House demand action on a maximally robust reconciliation bill that would strengthen our social safety nets and initiate serious action to combat the climate emergency. Your generous monthly gift supports our ongoing work, frees our staff from constant fundraising efforts, and makes possible more collaboration with progressive allies.

Be assured that we at PDA do a huge amount of work on a very limited budget. We rely on regular people taking an hour or two out of their week to volunteer, and to support our work with monthly gifts of $27, $10, $5, or $2.70. It all adds up, and we thank you for whatever you can do to help.

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