Help Healthcare Advocate Amy Vilela Win Tuesday’s Primary!

Jun 8, 2018

By  Mike Fox for the PDA Team

Let’s All Stand With This Strong Woman!

Amy Vilela’s story is both tragic and inspirational.

After her daughter died in her arms from a blood clot due to the system refusing her needed care, Amy has decided to stand up and fight for us all as a candidate for US congress in NV-04.

She’s not only a powerful advocate for Expanded And Improved Medicare For All, she’s equally-solid on all of the progressive issues we at PDA hold dear. (See her perfect-score questionnaire here.)

There’s no question she’ll fight for our values, and she’s running a really solid campaign with a good shot to win her primary. And those odds get even better if you do anything you can to help, right now.

Please either donate by clicking here, or reply to this email if you’re willing to make easy calls from home from anywhere in the country, walk a neighborhood, or participate in targeted, purposeful social media outreach.

Let’s stand with this grieving mother and bring this victory home June 12!

In solidarity and with hope,

Mike Fox for the PDA Team