Help Get Dark Money Out Of Politics With A Couple Of Clicks Now!

Jul 25, 2018

By  Mike Fox for the whole PDA national team

Battle The Trump Regime’s
Attempts To Flood Our System With Dark Money!

We’ve joined a coalition including Daily Kos, Common Cause, People For The American Way, Move To Amend and more to get Washington to do what California has successfully done to help get big money out of elections.

Check out this tremendous message from Russ Feingold and Legitaction, and then sign to get big money out of politics.

Dark money just got even darker — but we’re going to fight back.

President Trump’s IRS just changed the rules so certain political groups no longer have to disclose donors’ identities, even to the government. Now wealthy special interests — including foreign parties like Vladimir Putin — can funnel anonymous billions into our elections with absolutely zero oversight….

When LegitAction teamed up last summer with the California Clean Money Action Fund and others to successfully pass the California DISCLOSE Act and clean up California’s elections, we said it could become a model for national action.

Apparently Democrats in Congress got the message, since they just introduced a powerful federal DISCLOSE Act. Now we’re teaming up with fellow progressives again to seize this incredible opportunity to push Congress to require more disclosure.

Join the coalition now. Urge members of Congress to not only support the federal DISCLOSE Act — but add on the provisions that make California’s version so effective, too.

This new DISCLOSE Act in Congress forces dark money groups to report secret funders, includes robust “follow-the-money” provisions to reveal contributors hiding behind front groups, and requires leaders of major organizations to disclose their associations with political ads.

The only thing missing are the clear formatting requirements from the California DISCLOSE Act that help voters easily read the top three funders of any ad on a solid black background.

Every Senate Democrat and 164 House Democrats have co-sponsored the new DISCLOSE Act, but so far no Republicans have joined despite overwhelming bipartisan support for greater transparency in our nation’s elections.

It’s up to us to put pressure on Congress now.  Help bring transparency to our elections. Sign on to our shared petition today and urge everyone in Congress to support and strengthen the DISCLOSE Act.

In the eight years since Citizens United v. FEC opened the floodgates to dark money, we have watched as anonymous billions flood our elections. This bill is our best chance at restoring legitimacy to the campaign finance system.

Thank you for standing up for our democratic legitimacy today,

Russ Feingold

Click here to join PDA, Russ, and thousands of Americans across the country who know the time to get big money out of politics is NOW.

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for the whole PDA national team