Help Eva Putzova Defeat Blue Dog Tom O’Halleran in Arizona

Dec 3, 2019

In solidarity,  Alan Minsky for Mike F., Dr. Bill, Dan, Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Mike H., and Donna—your PDA national team.

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Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) endorsed Eva Putzova for Congress in a highly-selective process reflecting the consensus of local grassroots organizers. Only candidates who support a broad and bold progressive agenda are considered.

In our announcement last summer, I said, “We are proud to endorse Eva Putzova for Congress. Unlike the current incumbent—who has often voted for Donald Trump’s disastrous, extreme right-wing agenda—Eva will champion progressive priorities including Improved Medicare For All, a Green New Deal, good jobs for all, equal rights for all—including refugees fleeing violence, and so much more.”


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PDA has proudly endorsed Eva Putzova for Congress in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. If and when Eva enters Congress in January 2021, she will join The Squad as one of the most progressive members in the House of Representatives.

As good as Eva’s policies are, her opponent Tom O’Halleran’s are troubling. We at PDA do not run negative campaigns, but we do think incumbents should be held accountable for their past history, their stands on the important issues, and their actual voting record. Tom O’Halleran’s voting record is problematic in all three areas:

O’Halleran is in his second term in the U.S. House, purportedly representing Northern and Eastern Arizona. He is a former Chicago police officer and a former Republican who served in the Arizona Legislature, and is currently a leader of the Republican Lite House “Blue Dogs.”

That’s right, last November O’Halleran proudly announced on his web site he was chosen as part of the leadership of the House “Blue Dog” Coalition—the small but dangerous right wing of the Democratic Party. He is totally out of touch with the rising progressive base of the Party.

O’Halleran has consistently told PDA and other progressive activists that he will not support Medicare For All or the $15 per hour living wage. He has been condemned by immigrant and civil rights groups for voting with Trump and the Republicans far too often. He even voted for the repressive, xenophobic, anti-immigrant “Kate’s Law” H.R. 3004! Eva contrasts her positions against her opponent’s record saying:

“I support raising the minimum wage. He’s not among the co-sponsors,” Putzova said. “I support Medicare for All. He’s not among the cosponsors. I support the Green New Deal. He’s not among the cosponsors. I would not have voted to deregulate our financial system the way he did with the Dodd-Frank Act. I disagree with him on immigration. He voted for ‘Kate’s Law’, which criminalizes immigrants. I would not have voted to praise ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement),” Putzova said.

The difference between Progressive Eva Putzova and GOP Lite O’Halleran could not be more clear. Help us elect a true progressive to represent Arizona’s 1st Congressional District. Progressive victories don’t just happen. We need you to pitch in with your time, effort, and generosity!

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