Help Dimitri Win In Alaska Next Tuesday!

Aug 17, 2018

By  Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

Potential Victory In Alaska Primary Tuesday, Aug. 21

Dimitri Shein is a solid progressive businessman who immigrated to Alaska from Vladivostk, Russia as a child.  His mother struggled to raise her family.  Dimitri and his sister materially benefited from social programs, and he’s never forgotten this.  It has forged his commitment to serving his community, and insuring that we all take care of each other.

His physician wife and he not only have 2 children of their own, but also have adopted 4 at risk children to round out their family.

And Dimitri is not afraid of a scrap to make sure government is first and formost working for the 99%, and not the monied elite and corporations.

If he wins this primary he will go on to battle with entrenched Republican Don Young.  At 85, it’s time for Young to retire, and Dimitri will make a great replacement for the citizens of Alaska, and us all.

Please either toss in what you can here, or contact me at if you’d like to volunteer on the national phone bank.

Let’s win this!

Mike Fox for the PDA National Team