Help Betsy Sweet Retire Stealth Right-Winger Susan Collins

Jun 30, 2020


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Help Elect Progressive Betsy Sweet

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Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is working to flip the Senate by supporting strong progressive Betsy Sweet. Please help by giving generously now. If possible, give automatically every month to maximize your impact.

Corporate Democrats oppose policies we need like the Green New Deal, Medicare For All, Climate Emergency Action, Clean Elections, Dignity for Immigrants, Ending Corporate Rule, Peace, and so much more. We need progressive leader Betsy Sweet in the U.S. Senate, not another corporatist placeholder.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld Roe v. Wade in a narrow 5-4 decision, but radical right-wing extremist Brett Kavanaugh broke his promise to respect that precedent—as we knew he would.

Current Maine Senator Susan Collins cynically supported Kavanaugh, casting the deciding vote for his confirmation. This, while lying to her constituents about him—and her own right-ring proclivities.

Trump and Mitch McConnell depend on Susan Collins to push their destructive, extremist agenda. We need your time and money right now to help Betsy Sweet send fake moderate, extremist enabling Susan Collins packing.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his cohorts—notably including Susan Collins of Maine—block desperately-needed legislation. McConnell, Collins, and the rest of the Senate Trumpublicans refuse to even consider 100s of bills the House of Representatives already passed.

These extremists are refusing to do their jobs—from protecting our elections against foreign interference (H.R.1) and preventing mass shootings, to protecting the environment, promoting justice for all, and investing in our people. Betsy Sweet is ready to defeat Collins, help flip the Senate, and serve all the people of Maine and all Americans—not just the wealthy and powerful elite.

Unlike many other organizations, PDA expends our time and resources during the primaries because we know neoliberals and conservatives come in Red and Blue. We support Betsy in the Maine Primary because she’s a proud, effective progressive.

Betsy said, “I am thrilled to be endorsed by such a respected organization in the realm of progressive politics. This grassroots campaign is about a movement, not just one individual, and I’m excited that PDA’s members overwhelmingly support our effort.”

Betsy is a true progressive leader and she will be a great progressive Senator. She  spent years working as a citizen reformer on women’s rights, public campaign finance, and voting reform issues.

It is absolutely essential that the Democratic Party win control of the U.S. Senate away from Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in November. For that to happen, we must flip the Maine Senate seat.

Betsy exemplifies political courage, intelligence, and leadership. She has always stepped up to lead on efforts to end social and economic injustice. She has taken on tough struggles when others shied away, and she has worked tirelessly to protect the vulnerable from harm. She will make an exemplary U.S. Senator.

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