Healthcare Not Warfare: Support Bernie’s Bill And More

Oct 25, 2017

By   Mike Fox for Donna, Mike H., Amos, Janis, Deb, Kim, Bryan, Dan, Judy, Dr. Bill and the rest of the PDA team.

Want Real Safety?  Support Healthcare Not Warfare


While we work on many issues here at PDA, our signature campaign is Healthcare Not Warfare.

One would think the richest nation in the world would follow the lead of other developed countries including our neighbors to the north and provide healthcare as a human right to all citizens.

But then that’s kind of difficult when you’re spending $Trillions on military action around the globe.  We spend as much as the next 8 countries combined on the military.  Do you feel 8 times safer?

Safety means being able to go to a Dr. before you’re so sick it’s life threatening.  Safety means not having to worry about losing your home to medical bills.  Safety means a healthcare system where everybody’s in, nobody’s out.

Click here ask your Senators to support the Bernie Sanders healthcare for all bill.  And if they already support it, send them a thank you and ask them to lead on the issue.  Take a public stand for healthcare as a human right.

We’re in the streets, in the suites, and in the media fighting for healthcare for all.  Our Executive Director Donna Smith is featured on a panel with Nina Turner at a New York City healthcare town hall being taped today.  Laura Flanders is the moderator, and it will air on Free Speech TV in the upcoming days.  Keep your eyes peeled on your in box for scheduled showings.

And here’s a clip of our own Dr. Bill spreading the news on Thom Hartmann.

The support for healthcare as a human right is growing.  We have more co-signers on the house bill HR676 (Expanded And Improved Medicare For All) than ever, and with your help the senate will see the wisdom of Bernie’s approach.

If we all stand together for Healthcare Not Warfare, the world will be a safer place for all.

Thank you for being in the struggle with us.

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for Donna, Mike H., Amos, Janis, Deb, Kim, Bryan, Dan, Judy, Dr. Bill and the rest of the PDA team.