Healthcare Is A Human Right

Jun 3, 2019

photo: Heroic Activist Ady Barken Testifies to the Rules Committee
Co-lead MFA Sponsor Rep. Jayapal (L) Looks On in Support

In solidarity, Mike Hersh for Alan, Dr. Bill, Dan, Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Mike F., and Shayna—your PDA national team.

Tell Congress: Pass Medicare For All!

All over the United States of America, at this very moment, people are delaying care, skipping their medications, and otherwise risking their lives because they know they can’t afford the prohibitive out-of-pocket costs. This includes people who have insurance!  Countless others are facing bankruptcy because they can’t afford these skyrocketing costs. All this because we haven’t mustered the political will to enact Improved Medicare For All.

Help Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and our allies force the politicians to listen! PDA was founded in 2004 to achieve progress on the most important issues. We wholeheartedly support the Medicare For All Act. We know this legislation will save 10,000s of lives and 100s of $billions every year by guaranteeing high-quality, comprehensive healthcare for all of us—including mental, dental, vision, hearing, prescriptions, medical devices, preventative, women’s health, long-term care, and more. All with zero out of pocket expenses: no premiums, co-pays, fees, caps, or deductibles.

Click Here to tell your Representative to cosponsor Medicare For All

With your help, PDA is accomplishing amazing things in the struggle to enact Medicare For All! Before last month’s historic first-ever Congressional hearings on MFA, PDA Massachusetts activists engaged our Advisory Board member Rep. Jim McGovern (the Rules Committee chair), persuading him to invite activist Ady Barken to testify.

Ady risked his life to appear before the committee, and gave incredibly moving testimony. That would not have happened without your ongoing support for PDA. You helped make history!

Rep. Jamie Raskin (one of PDA’s original cofounders) offered heartfelt testimony about his own personal healthcare struggle, setting the tone for a powerful hearing.

The House Budget Committee held hearings last month as well, and the House Ways and Means Committee will hold hearings soon. PDA is working with an empowered coalition to gain more cosponsors for the Medicare For All Act to ensure success.

We need your activism now! Time is of the essence! To prevail, we need as many cosponsors as we can get! Call Congress at 202-858-1717 and Click Here to tell your Representative to Cosponsor Rep. Jayapal’s and Rep. Debbie Dingell’s Medicare For All Act. Also, Click Here to tell your Senators to cosponsor Bernie Sanders’s MFA legislation.

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We appreciate all you do to help make progress on healthcare and other issues. If you’ve never donated to help PDA help you pressure our elected officials, now is the perfect time. We need your support now more than ever. Click here to pitch in $3, $5, or whatever you can afford to support PDA’s issue organizing.


P.S.: Click Here for Robert Pollin’s interview on The Nation Magazine’s Podcast, Start Making Sense. It starts with a discussion of the Economists for Medicare For All petition that PDA Executive Director Alan Minsky helped to initiate with our coalition allies. Click Here to watch the historic MFA hearings before the House Rules Committee. Join PDA investing early to recruit and elect progressive candidates in 2020