Healthcare Emergency Town Hall With Progressive Champions Sunday. Join Us!

Oct 23, 2020

Hope to see you Sunday!

Dr. Bill for the PDA National Team

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As advocates of #MedicareForAll, we at PDA were likely disappointed to hear our nominee for President, former Vice President Joe Biden yesterday in the second and final debate prior to Election Day Nov 3, mention only incremental progress from that made a decade ago under Obamacare and which so clearly has been shown to be inadequate under the massive strain of our current public health emergency known as #COVID19. However, it was heartening to hear the words “Healthcare is a Human Right” mentioned, as now seems to be the norm for all Democrats, with YUUUUGE thanks to Sen. Bernie Sanders and others for having making it so.

But it does give pause to the idea that, if Healthcare is in fact a human right, should commercial health insurance and big pharma, also have a right to run their operations on a Mafia model of extortion and a tremendous waste of human capital in the process of satisfying their personal greed? Absolutely not.

The struggle continues, clearly, first to remove Trump, secondly to push Biden/Harris, and thirdly to get candidates for congress who support Medicare For All elected.

We need your help to do all of this.

Join our virtual town hall with special guests Teresa Leger Fernandez (candidate for Congress in NM-03) and Liam O’Mara (candidate for Congress in CA-42) as we provide updates on the pandemic and campaigns you can join to finally fix our broken healthcare system.

PDA Healthcare Emergency Town Hall
Sunday, Oct. 25
4pm Eastern; 3pm Central; 2pm Mountain; 1pm Pacific/AZ.
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