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Apr 30, 2021 | PDA News

Thanks and onward,  Dr. Bill Honigman for the PDA National Team

Join Our Healthcare Emergency Town Hall
Sunday, 4pm ET/1pm PT


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) joins in celebrating the uplifting rhetoric offered to a pandemic weary nation this week by the Biden/Harris administration, and in particular the recognition that healthcare should be a right in the United States of America as it is in every other advanced country in the world.

And, with President Biden’s suggested fixes to Obamacare of lower premiums and deductibles, and lower drug prices, just exactly how will healthcare become a right without also expanding Medicare eligibility and benefits to include critically needed services like dental, vision, hearing, alcohol and drug treatment, long term and mental health care? Sadly, not much said on that.

#SinglePayer expanded and improved #MedicareForAll were the words we wanted to hear and didn’t. COVID-19 would be just the reason for Mr. Biden’s saying them.

Join us for our Healthcare Emergency Town Hall this Sunday May 2nd, to hear exactly these words from the nationally acclaimed authors of Medicare for All: A Citizen’s Guide Drs. Abdul El-Sayed, M.D., and Micah Johnson, M.D., and to tell us what you think about the Biden/Harris plan to make healthcare a right instead of a privilege in America.

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Hope to see you Sunday!

PS: See previous Town Halls archived on YouTube here.

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  1. Timothy A Albright

    This thread explains how to use the #GreenNewDeal to pay for #Medicare4All I worked for HCFA(Health Care Financing Administration) & for the Social Rehabilitation Services @ HEW. The thread includes ideas for improving Obamacare & #MedicareForAll

    Plan to implement #GreenNewDeal and pay for #Medicare4All at the same time:
    Schedule 2 shifts of federal workers each day instead of one
    Buildings are available 168 hours/week, we only use them 40
    on footprint 50%