FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Coalition Grows for Sanders 2020 with Supporters Determined to Draft Sen. Sanders

Jan 21, 2019


“It starts with a conversation” Sanders 2020 Supporters plan for National Weekend of Action January 26 and 27

DENVER, Colo. January 20, 2019– Organizing for Bernie, a grassroots movement asking Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to run for president in 2020, continues the momentum from the national livestream on January 12th by organizing a national Weekend of Action January 26 & 27 with a coalition of leading progressive organizations including Our Revolution, Progressive Democrats of America and The People for Bernie Sanders. On January 26 & 27, volunteers from all over the country will be hosting events to engage more people and gain more supporters in a focused large scale effort to draft Sen. Sanders.

It is even more apparent with the government partial shutdown for a record 30 days, that this country cannot endure another term of the current Trump led administration, and that Sen. Sanders is the best candidate to restore unity to the United States

During this weekend of action, volunteer led events will be engaged in discussions about what people want to see in presidential candidates in 2020. The goal is to bring this conversation to communities through high traffic canvassing or inviting more people to the conversation by hosting open events.  Supporters are encouraged to take part in the weekend of action by going to

“I’m eager to talk to people in my community next weekend about the important role we have this year,” said Dulce Anayasaenz, Co-founder of Organizing for Bernie and former WA & CO State Director on Bernie 2016. “The 2020 election will be a platform for bold leaders to offer an alternative to the current administration and an opportunity for us as voters to vote for candidates that we believe are most aligned with our values and vision for America. Sen. Sanders is the people’s champion we need in the White House, and I’m ready to discuss that with my friends, neighbors, and new people I meet.”

“It’s up to us to organize in our community and invite people into this movement for Medicare for all, tuition free college, abolish ICE, end mass incarceration, end prohibition and pass cannabis legalization. We can have a future to believe in but it’s incumbent on us to bring the momentum to this campaign. We are the campaign.” – Kat Brezler public school teacher and co-founder of The People for Bernie Sanders.