For a Sane U. S. Foreign Policy, Support Joaquin Castro. Oppose Michele Flournoy.

Dec 1, 2020

In solidarity
Alan Minsky, Executive Director, for the PDA National Team

We Need Progressive Foreign Policy Oversight in Congress. 

We Don’t Need Another Hawk Leading the Pentagon.


We need a new foreign policy, one grounded in true respect for universal human rights, and away from military adventurism. International cooperation must be the focus. We need to partner with all of humanity to address both the ongoing COVID pandemic as well as an unprecedented existential threat to all of humanity: the climate Emergency.

The era of military adventurism and occupations must end.

To that end, PDA along with 50+ progressive organizations supports Congressman Joaquin Castro to lead the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC). House Democrats are voting for a new HFAC Chair this week. Whatever posture the Biden Administration assumes per foreign policy, we will need strong progressive congressional oversight, and Rep. Castro is the best candidate to provide that leadership.

Please sign this letter to support Rep. Castro as the head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Also, we join with our progressive allies in strongly opposing Michele Flournoy as the next Secretary of Defense. Find our statement about why Flournoy would be the wrong person to lead the Pentagon here.

PDA was founded as part of the national and international peace movement. We will never stop fighting for a new, sane approach for U.S. foreign policy, one that respects the human rights and self-determination of all peoples.

Please support our efforts to build a more peaceful, cooperative world.