Eric and Kimberly’s Questionnaires are Here and Call is Monday!

Mar 28, 2017

By Dr. Bill Honigman and Judy Hess – PDA California State Co-Coordinators

We’re sure you know that at the California Democratic Party Convention in May, the delegates will elect a new Party Chair

As we previously advised, Kimberly Ellis and Eric Bauman, the candidates for Chair, have graciously agreed to do two things:

1       To complete a very thorough Candidate Questionnaire, 

and submit it for your review, prior to 

2       An ALL CALIFORNIA Call on April 3, so you may hear them in their own voices explain their responses, and answer your questions.

We now have the Candidates’ Responses for your review.

Download and read Eric Bauman’s responses here. (Scroll down and click the green download button.)

Download and read Kimberly Ellis’s responses here. (Scroll down and click the green download button.)


Please RSVP for this important call!

Monday, April 3      7:00 p.m.

Conference Call Number  –  (641) 552-9055

Access Code – 136190


This is a very critical time for our Party. We’ve experienced division and difficulty, as well as some victories in our state. We believe that we must have a Chair who is fully qualified, thoughtful, innovative, and can lead the Party through an uncertain future during this Trump Presidency, while being unapologetically progressive. 

To that end, we have crafted the best questionnaire we can. But what did we miss? If you have a question you want answered on the call, please email with the Subject: Question for Candidates. 

We look forward to being with you on this call.

In solidarity, 

Dr. Bill Honigman and Judy Hess

PDA California State Co-Coordinators