Dec 24, 2020

In peace and good will,

The PDA National Team


A Time to Recall, Reflect, Rededicate for Peace


The Christmas Story has great resonance with people of the faith and beyond. Mary and Joseph traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem to be counted in the first census, undertaken by the Roman Empire, to ensure its citizens were properly taxed. Lodgings in Bethlehem being filled, they went to the ground floor (the stable) where animals were kept, and Mary gave birth with the beasts of the fields as witnesses. Later, they fled persecution from King Herod and became refugees in Egypt.

Reaction to the birth of Jesus and his family’s subsequent flight from danger has echoed through the centuries. We still wrestle with who shall be counted and who remains invisible to the state. Refugees still flee persecution and violence, taking great risks in journeys to a new land. State violence, whether perpetrated against groups of people or individuals, continues to plague societies around the world.

So we pause for a few hours and recall where we have been, reflect on where we are and how far we have to go, and rededicate ourselves to finding peace on earth and good will to all.

Progressive Democrats of America wishes you and yours peace and community and good health. We will not give up our struggle until wars end, the planet is sustainable, and all people share in prosperity and safety.



  1. Diane

    Like that, I read all people Amen

  2. Mimi Kennedy

    How beautiful!!! Thank you- the Christmas story is very much present this year. Giving birth away from home. Fleeing persecution. Accepting reduced circumstances. All with hope for a child who might grow up to bring a new kind of peace to all- everybody in, nobody out. Teach our children well…