Dreams Do Come True: Help Elect Jaime Harrison & Defeat Lindsey Graham

Oct 7, 2020

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


Support Jaime Harrison’s Phenomenal Campaign

For U.S. Senate in South Carolina

Jaime Harrison is on the cusp of pulling off one of the biggest upsets in U S Senate History.  An African American Democrat, Jaime is tied in the polls in Strom Thurmond’s home state.  With your help, Jaime can defeat one of the most dishonest politicians of the 21st Century, Lindsey Graham.

Of course, it’s not all about what’s wrong with the corrupt Mr. Graham. Jaime Harrison will serve the interests of the people of South Carolina.  Jaime is an outspoken advocate for anti-poverty measures (and a friend of the DNC Poverty Council led by PDAer Susie Shannon), for progressive economic policies, for green energy and infrastructure  investment, and strengthening our democracy.

A victory by Jaime Harrison would truly be one for the ages, and show what is possible in 21st Century America. Alongside the defeat of Donald Trump, the defeat of Lindsey Graham by Jaime Harrison will send a signal to the entire world that the majority of Americans, from sea to shining sea, want an anti-racist, truly inclusive America.

PDA will be working non-stop between now and election day to ensure Jaime’s historic victory – please support our efforts along with Jaime’s candidacy.

Can’t contribute money? Then make easy calls from home to help.



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