In recent years, voters themselves have faced political and even racial obstacles in casting votes and in getting their votes counted.

A final layer of disenfranchisement exists in all-digital voting systems and internet voting. Offered as a solution to disenfranchisement, such systems are vulnerable to error and manipulation and defy public verification of results. An auditable paper ballot must protect our right to vote.

The Election Integrity Team is part of PDA’s Civil Rights/Civil Justice platform. We work on the following issues:

  • Voter Access/Voter Protection
  • Comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform
  • Elimination of Electronic Voting Machines/Return to Verifiable Paper Ballots
  • Mandatory Audits of Election Results
  • Restoration of Voting Rights
  • Public Financing of Elections/Free TV Time for Candidates
  • Instant Runoff Elections

Election Integrity Statistics and Facts

  • 30% of eligible Americans are not registered to vote
  • In 2012 the Republican National Lawyers Committee reported that 200 individuals nationwide had been charged with voter fraud since 2000; however 24 states have enacted Voter ID legislation to prevent voter fraud and 6 states are considering legislation
  • 10% of the voting population has no Photo ID which will be required by the new restrictive state laws
  • Over 40% of Americans vote on machines with no paper trail; no valid audit is possible
  • Only 12 of the 50 states have reliable post-election audits
  • More than 5 million US citizens have lost their right to vote due to a past felony conviction

Legislation Our Team Has Endorsed

  • HR 12 (Lewis – D-GA05)  – Voter Empowerment Act
  • HR 3276 (Ellison – D-MN05) – Same Day Registration Act
  • HR 3277 (Ellison – D-MN05) – Voter Access Protection
  • HR 871 (Jeffries – NY08) – Formerly Incarcerated Voter Registration Act
  • HJ Res 25 (Pocan – D-WI02) – Voting is a Constitutional Right
  • HR 317 (Norton-DC)/S1688 (Carper-DE) New Columbia Admissions Act
  • HR 1459 (Conyers-MI13)/S772(Cardin-MD) Democracy Restoration Act

How You Can Get Involved

Coalition Partners

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under LawBrennan Center for JusticeThe Advancement ProjectBlack Box VotingNAACPElection Defense AllianceNational Election Integrity CoalitionHip Hop Caucus,Vote Riders

Team Leaders

Mimi Kennedy
Andrea Miller
Claude Conkrite
Andrew DiLiddo
Randall Holmes
Rev. Terence Dicks
Paul Stokes
Dave Sonneborn