Instead, we support political and diplomatic initiatives to genuinely promote peace, disarmament and the rule of international law, and to treat terrorism primarily as a crime, not as a pretext for war and global military expansion. Cut the US military budget to its 1998 level and beyond, and bring our troops home to their families. Redirect wasteful military spending to meet real human needs, create jobs and reinvest in America. From nuclear weapons to climate change, the challenges facing the world today are too serious to be sacrificed to the strategic ambitions of any one country, including our own.

The End Wars and Occupations Team is part of PDA’s Fund Human Needs/Cut Pentagon Waste platform. We work on the following issues:

  • Complete US withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • Diplomacy to prevent war and end sanctions on Iran
  • End CIA/JSOC operations against Syria and recommit to June 2012 Geneva peace agreement
  • End drone strikes, and all other “targeted killing” operations
  • Recommit to peace and to the rule of constitutional and international law
  • Reduce the record US military budget, bring troops home and reinvest in America

End Wars and Occupations Statistics and Facts

The current $633 billion Pentagon budget is higher than at any time during Vietnam or the Cold War.

The Obama Administration has conducted an average of 13 air-strikes per day, 91% in Afghanistan. Bush conducted 17,500 air-strikes on Afghanistan and 29,000 on Iraq during the invasions of those countries, but otherwise launched only 9 air-strikes per day.

The US returned to a peacetime military budget of $390 billion per year in 1955, 1975 and again in 1998 (adjusted for inflation). We can do the same agai now saving $243 billion per year, enough to create 5 million good jobs in America building windmills and solar panels, educating our children and providing healthcare for all.

Legislation Our Team Has Endorsed

  • HR 4608 (Lee – D-CA-13) Repeal Authorized Use of Military Force
  • HR 200 (Lee – D-CA-13) Responsible End to Afghanistan War
  • HR 783 (Lee-D-CA-13) Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons and Stop War Through Diplomacy
  • HR 2494 (Gibson-R-NY-19) Protecting Americans from the Proliferation of Weapons to Terrorists in Syria

Team Accomplishments

  • Worked with peace movement partners to wake the sleeping giant of democracy and prevent a major U.S.war crime against Syria on the fabricated pretext of chemical weapons attacks conducted by Turkey and al-Nusra Front rebels.
  • Thanks to Educate Congress visits and our peace movement partners, a majority of Democrats now vote against the annual military budget.

How You Can Get Involved

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Coalition Partners

National Priorities Project (NPP)United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ)Code PinkWin Without WarProject Defense Alternatives (PDA)US Labor Against the War (USLAW)Jobs NOT Wars CampaignPeace Action

Issue Team Leaders

Rob Hansen
Marc Levin
Sally Weiss