Denver PDA Chapter Urges Other PDA Chapters and Other Progressives Join #BOYCOTTSOTU

Jan 30, 2018

From Donna Smith & Susan Gilbert

The Progressive Democrats of America Denver chapter and the Levi for Colorado Campaign of Colorado’s 6th Congressional District call on all progressives to boycott watching or listening to the Trump State of the Union address on January 30, 2018. Donald Trump has run roughshod over the institutions and norms that allow our democracy to function. His reckless behavior, efforts to obstruct the special counsel Robert Mueller and persecution of immigrants and refugees are profoundly offensive to America’s sense of both justice and common decency. Additionally, his lies are so numerous that any comments he might offer would undoubtedly be filled with untruths and outright misinformation. We will not dignify this farce.

In addition to refusing to watch or listen to the Trump remarks tomorrow evening, we call on Democrats to amplify their current plans for protest. In addition to wearing black to the SOTU, we call on them to rise and exit the chamber as Trump begins to speak.

Here’s a petition to sign and share: CLICK HERE.

And then make sure to share. We can stand together.

We stand in solidarity with all those who still believe we cannot and must not abandon our core American values of equality and justice for all. History will not look kindly on those who have enabled Donald Trump. #BOYCOTTSOTU


Donna Smith & Susan Gilbert


  1. Cindy Mantle

    For over twenty years, I’ve listened to and watched this man. Never liking anything that I heard or saw. I heard him with Howard Stern. I heard him on tv. I read interviews and listened to them. I watched him sit behind a desk on tv degrading and looking down on people sitting across from him like he was a great dictator king, or something. I’ve heard him degrade women. I won’t be listening anymore. Not to him. I can’t stand it anymore.

  2. CTD

    Fight the good fight!