Demand A Budget For The People

Sep 14, 2017

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

Budgets Are Moral Documents Act Now! Vote Expected Soon!

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) has been working with a broad coalition to help draft and support the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) alternative, called The People’s Budget. It provides a solid contrast to the shameless Trump-inspired travesty. Please click here now to tell Congress to support the People’s Budget.

Have you seen the details of the horrible, heartless cuts to Food Stamps and Medicaid (and many other programs) in the proposed Ryan and Trump budgets? It is tough to know where all this cruelty is expected to stop or if the Trumpublicans even plan to ever stop! Today, on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it’s more important than ever for us to stand together as one nation and one people united in our concern for our sisters and brothers

While the People’s Budget is not yet progressive enough in a few key areas, it is a huge step in the right direction. We will keep working with the CPC to improve it even more, and it is already much better than the draconian Trumpublican plan. Please help us make a strong, clear moral statement. We need you to step up now!

Tell Congress to vote for the People’s Budget!

Please contribute $500, $50‹whatever you can to sustain our organizing


Among many important provisions, the People¹s Budget would:


  • Invest $2 trillion in America¹s infrastructure to transition to a 21st Century economy and transform our energy, water and transportation systems.
  • Expand our commitment to efficient renewable energy and green jobs, including job assistance and training for those transitioning from fossil fuel to clean energy jobs.
  • Invest $100 billion to increase affordable access to reliable, high-speed internet.
  • Protect and expand affordable healthcare for millions of Americans, including support for states to transition to a single-payer healthcare system and provisions to lower prescription drug prices.
  • Create and promote a fair tax system that benefits working families by ending tax loopholes, corporate giveaways and tax breaks for billionaires and Wall Street and ensuring that billionaires and Wall Street pay their fair share of taxes.
  • End corporate tax breaks for offshoring American jobs and profits.
  • Tax Wall Street to fund Main Street.
  • Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Care Credit.
  • Ensure fair elections by increasing funding for voter protection and legal assistance programs and strengthening key election integrity reforms.
  • Advance criminal justice reform and promote safety of American communities by developing community oriented policing reforms, increasing funding to address hate crimes, and promoting policies and initiatives to significantly reduce gun violence.
  • Curb special interest and dark money influence in politics by ensuring public financing of campaigns.
  • Expand affordable housing for low-income Americans by increasing Community Development Block Grants and HOME funds to cities, allocating $32 billion for Public Housing repairs, ensuring 100% of operating needs for Public Housing, adding 400,000 new Section 8 Vouchers and fully funding the End Homelessness Act.
  • Reduce military spending by eliminating unneeded weapons and reducing rather than increasing the US nuclear arsenal, to fully fund badly needed social programs rather than the profit margins of giant military contractors