Countdown: Election Day is 100 Days Away—Sustain Progressive Candidates For Victory!

Jul 26, 2020

On to bringing the party back to its progressive roots!

Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Donna, Dr. Bill, Kim, Janis, Deb, Dan, and Bryan—Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team


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We as Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) are not surprised that corporate insiders keep trying to preselect candidates, undermining or even hijacking the primary process. We demand real democracy in the Democratic Party, and that means accepting the will of the voters—not ordering us to rubber stamp some status quo anti-progressive.

The myth that progressives can’t win has been roundly disproven. If given a fair chance, progressives win nominations. If nominated, progressives win elections. However, if an establishment candidate needs help “clearing the field” and cannot compete fairly in a primary, they’re a weak candidate.

Whenever voters’ concerns are overridden or ignored, turnout suffers and the chances for right-wing victory increases. For all these reasons, we support progressives in the primaries, and we insist on letting primary voters choose the strongest candidate.

If you agree, we need your help now and every month through Election Day and beyond.

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We are working to help several accomplished, empowered progressives in rapidly approaching primaries. They’ve all scored 100% on our exacting questionnaire, all have strong local support, and all of them need your help to overcome corporate Dems.

Our opponents count on huge cash and carry support from conservative millionaires. Some of them are actually conservative millionaires themselves.

We don’t appeal to the 1%. We don’t ask for their support, and wouldn’t accept it anyway. All we need is your generous support. We rely on you.

Please pitch in whatever you can afford every month to help us bring home big victories!

Michigan and Arizona Primaries are August 4th—just a week from this Tuesday:

Minnesota Primary is August 11th:

Florida Primary is August 18th:

Massachusetts Primary is in the coming weeks:

Taking back the Democratic Party from the bosses, corporations, and lobbyists won’t be easy or cheap. We need resources to organize behind strong candidates. Sign up to make automatic monthly gifts right now.

P.S. We can’t do anything without you. Your support keeps us going!


Please pitch in every month to
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