Coronavirus Realities: How Can You Stay Safe And Active?

Mar 14, 2020

By Donna Smith, Executive Director – Progressive Democrats of America

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Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) urges you to stay safe and healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak. Avoid large crowds, and take every precaution the health experts advise.

While we’re self-quarantined and maintaining social distance, this is a perfect time to make easy, effective calls into upcoming primary states. No time to make calls? Then pitch in whatever you can afford to our Win 2020 Victory Fund.

We’ve been working to unite progressives to win elections. Your generous donation of time and/or money will help! PDA activists voted overwhelmingly to endorse Bernie Sanders because he consistently distinguishes himself as the candidate most closely aligned with the people. Elizabeth Warren came in second. No one else was close. Please Sign On To Our Letter Urging Elizabeth Warren To Endorse Bernie Sanders For President.

As Bernie Sanders explained, “We are going to win the Democratic nomination. We are going to defeat Trump because we are putting together an unprecedented, grassroots, multi-generational, multiracial movement. It is a movement which speaks to the working families of this country.”


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With the primaries down to a two-person contest, now is the time to get fully engaged! Pitch in to help us make progress on the issues and help us elect progressive candidates.

Like PDA, Bernie Sanders is dedicated to building and leading the mass movement we need to replace the unfair, unjust, and exploitative oligarchy with a 21st Century New Deal. We need a government of, for, and by the people. One that respects everyone—regardless of wealth, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, orientation, identity, or social standing.

With our help, Bernie will defeat Trump in November, but that’s not enough. Bernie will also continue to mobilize millions and millions of us to reverse the damaging policies enacted by Trump, Reagan, and the Bushes—with the complicity of elitist, pro-corporate, neoliberals and neoconservatives who try to dominate both major parties.

We must work to upgrade the Congress by nominating and electing empowered, committed progressives, and by defeating every Republican we can at the polls this year and every election year.

Trump is the personification of right-wing corruption, intolerance, and incompetence. Still, he’s just the latest in a line of imperial presidents—virtual emperors who’ve subverted the will of the people, empowered oligarchs, and enacted a neoliberal / neoconservative agenda to the detriment of the 99%.

We must fundamentally change the status quo. The system is rigged. It’s not enough to just replace Trump with a different manager. We need a united, empowered mass movement to demand fundamental change.

Virtually every Republican in Congress enables Trump, and far too many Democrats go along. Help PDA elect an irresistible wave of progressive champions to build a movement powerful enough to deliver the reforms we need.

Only Bernie—with the backing of progressives in Congress—will enact common sense solutions we need: Medicare For All, the Green New Deal, humane immigration, cancellation of all student debt, free public college and vocational training, ending homelessness, and much more.

Our movement will also end the massive, wasteful overspending on weapons and illegal regime change wars, unfair trade deals like Trump’s NAFTA 2.0, and other damaging, regressive policies.

Pitch in whatever you can afford now to support our Justice or Bust campaign. No spare change to help out? Then Contact Mike Fox to Get Involved.


P.S.: The next round of primaries is coming up quickly. We need your help now. Please sign up with our Phone Team and make easy, important calls from your own home.

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