Complicit in Their Silence(r), More Gun Massacres Likely

Oct 3, 2017

By  Donna and the PDA national team, Mike F., Judy H., Mike H., Deb S., Dan O’N., Janis K, Amos M., Kimberly B., and Dr. Bill H.

Tell Congress To End The Silence On Sensible Gun Policy

Our hearts ache for all those hurt and all those grieving for one of the dead in the gun massacre in Las Vegas on Sunday night, October 1, 2017.  But we also are really angry. We are angry that these horrific gun attacks keep happening and that we may know more will come. We are not anti-gun nuts. We are anti-violence Americans who stand with the majority of our fellow Americans in believing Congress has failed to act on common sense gun laws.  Instead, some in Congress are pushing a measure that further weakens gun protections by protecting gun silencers.

Congress needs to step back from any measure, like their bogus “Hearing Protection Act,” HR367, that loosens gun ownership laws any further and begin serious work on common sense gun control.  At some point soon, we will fail to have the capacity to feel shock or sorrow when our communities experience massive acts of gun violence, and that point, we will have sacrificed our humanity to the NRA and the almighty dollar. And there is no amount of prayer, no stoic moments of silence, no number of tears shed at the White house press podium, and no number of stiffly delivered, teleprompted and pre-written presidential messages of comfort that will erase the stain of our complicity.

Join us by contacting your your congresspeople right now using this simple email tool.

It is long past the time when we can afford to allow Congress to return to their preferred agenda when we know we can and must do better.  The best way to honor those killed and injured in Las Vegas is not to be complicit in the future.


Donna and the PDA national team, Mike F., Judy H., Mike H., Deb S., Dan O’N., Janis K, Amos M., Kimberly B., and Dr. Bill H.

Progressive Democrats of America

P.S.  For some really powerful additional information on this issue, please read what one of PDA’s great advisory board members, Thom Hartmann, had to say about the Second Amendment and it’s dark history.


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