CNN’s Shame: No Questions on Poverty or the Climate Emergency

Oct 17, 2019

photo: (right: Homeless Man In Boston Enver Rahmanov • CC BY-SA 3.0, cropped)

In solidarity, Alan Minsky for Mike F., Mike H., Dan, Janis, Deb, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA national team.

Tell The DNC And The News Networks:
We Need Debates About The Real World!
Questions About Poverty And Homelessness
A Complete Debate On The Climate Emergency


When it comes to Presidential debates, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) simply wants one thing: that the people auditioning for the most powerful position in the world address the major issues facing the country and the planet.

Yet there has not been a single question through four cycles of debates on the endemic problem of widespread poverty in America.

Astonishingly, there was not a single question related to the climate emergency on Tuesday evening. Astonishing because when DNC Chair Tom Perez refused to sanction a full debate devoted to the subject, his primary defense was that climate was already adequately addressed in the current format. It clearly isn’t.

We Demand A Debate On The Climate Emergency

We Demand Debate Questions Addressing Poverty

Clearly, we need an entire debate devoted to the candidates’ willingness to lead the fundamental re-organization of American society that the Climate Emergency has made necessary.

We are not naive; we have no illusions about why we have this sorry state of affairs. The “moderate” neoliberal wing of the Democratic party has shared power with the paleo-conservative Republican party over the past 4 decades.

During this time, the crisis of poverty has only grown worse, as has the Climate Emergency.

For the first time in recent memory, progressives are challenging the corporatists for control of the Democratic Party. In marked contrast to the democratic status quo, progressives have developed programs to eradicate poverty and cease the use of fossil fuels.

The current Democratic Party leadership remains in the hands of the “moderate” and conservative wings of the party, and they set the terms of these debates.

They understand that if questions are asked about poverty, or if a whole debate was designated for the climate emergency, that the progressives would shine, and the rest of the candidates would be exposed as simply calling for the maintenance of the current, unacceptable state of affairs.

There’s only one way at this hour for us to influence these debates: that is to put unrelenting pressure on the DNC and the media organizations hosting these debates to pose the questions that Americans, and indeed people around the world, need to be answered.

Please sign and circulate our petition calling for debate questions about the realities of American poverty.

Also, join with our coalition of allied environmental organizations in demanding a debate on the Climate Emergency.

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