CNN/MSNBC Climate Town Halls A Start, But Not Nearly Enough.

Sep 3, 2019

Image from Glastonbury Online

In solidarity, Alan Minsky for Mike H., Mike F, Janis, Deb, Dan, Dr. Bill, Shayna, Bryan, and Kim—your PDA National Team

The Climate Emergency Demands More!


Over the past couple of months, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was on the front lines, with our climate activist allies, demanding that the DNC have a debate among the Presidential candidates on how they propose changing national policies in response to the climate emergency. As you probably know, the DNC refused to sanction such a debate. Instead they have agreed to allow for both CNN and MSNBC to hold a series of back-to-back Town Halls on the subject, the first of which is tomorrow night when CNN will have seven consecutive hours devoted to this existential threat facing all of humanity.

We feel that this is an inadequate format for such an essential matter; one that allows so-called “moderates” to define the terms of their presentation without having to worry about being challenged by other candidates about the facts of the climate emergency as well as the complicity of American energy policy, let alone the actions of the major energy companies (all of which have donated to Democratic candidates in recent years).

The format is also inadequate because far fewer people will tune into such a long drawn out series of Town Halls compared to a debate.

For these reasons, we feel the DNC is letting down Democratic Party voters, the entire citizenry, and indeed all of humanity for failing to recognize and highlight the severity of what we all are facing. On a week when one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes on record sits 50 miles off Florida’s shore, having wrought unprecedented damage to the Bahamas – with a scientific consensus that global warming is contributing to more high-powered hurricanes – it is glaringly obvious that we need a debate on the climate emergency.

So, while we will be watching tomorrow evening – and we encourage everyone to do so – PDA will continue to call for a full debate to be dedicated to this unparalleled international emergency that is certain to become increasingly central to every aspect of our lives.

PDA is truly one of the national leaders on climate, having brought together a phenomenal alliance of groups in support of our call for a climate debate.