Celebrating Organized Labor

Sep 3, 2018

By  Mike Hersh for Mike F, Janis, Deb, Dan, Dr. Bill, Shayna, Bryan, Kim, Donna, and Judy—your PDA National Team

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While we participate in Labor Day parades and picnics, spend quality time with friends and family, or just relax, it’s important to recall the purpose of this holiday. Today, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) honors and thanks the courageous, dedicated, and thoughtful leadership of our allies in the labor movement. It’s not enough to celebrate Labor on Labor Day, however. PDA needs your sustained support now to help combat the Trumpublicans’ ongoing war against working people, unions, and economic fairness.

PDA and our allies strongly oppose Trump’s War on Labor, exemplified by his cruel cancellation of long-overdue pay raises for federal employees. Everyone benefits from the hard-working efforts of our federal workforce, and everyone suffers when the federal government undermines workers’ safety and financial security as well as our right to organize in unions.

It’s not limited to those outrages, and it’s not just Trump waging this war. Several states have outlawed picket lines. So called “Right to Work” laws are expanding, despite their exploitative and abusive effects. Only a truly progressive majority in Congress can protect us from these ongoing abuses and eroding rights. Please pitch in $20.18 each month or another amount monthly to sustain PDA’s organizing for a progressive governing majority.

PDA continues to organize with labor, most especially National Nurses United (NNU). The NNU Nurses exemplify all that is essential and positive in the House of Labor. While others may play it safe, NNU never stops striving to improve the working conditions and lives of its members, advocating for the patients they serve, and standing up for the well-being of all people.

We recognize the National Nurses United’s leadership on health concerns including best practices for dealing with potential epidemics. We’ve comfortably forgotten the Ebola and Zika virus scares, thanks to the sound leadership of NNU. The Nurses are working every day for safe and appropriate registered nurse to patient ratios and Medicare for All. Demonstrating their expansive agenda, NNU also champions environmental and economic justice.

Please support PDA’s work for progress with a generous donation now. Can’t donate? Then sign up with Mike “Phone Guy” Fox to make easy but important calls right from your own home to help mobilize activists to make a difference. Rather not make calls? Then Dan O’Neal will help you start or expand a chapter in your state or locality.

PDA thanks NNU for their leadership, and we’re honored to work with them on issues and campaigns in the best interests of working people and all people around the world. NNU helped lead the coalition that defeated the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). They’re demanding effective polices to address the climate emergency, and mobilizing support for the Robin Hood Tax. To support this ambitious agenda, NNU endorses the most principled, progressive candidates. We hope you will join NNU in supporting PDA by signing up as a monthly “Change Makes Change” sustainer. Your automatic donation will help PDA plan and budget more effectively.

If you cannot commit to an automatic contribution, we welcome your generous one-time donation of $500, $50, or whatever you can afford. Money tight? Then please sign up with Mike “Phone Guy” Fox to make important calls from your own home. Rather not make calls? Then PDA will help you start or expand a chapter in your state or locality.

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh for Mike F, Janis, Deb, Dan, Dr. Bill, Shayna, Bryan, Kim, Donna, and Judy—your PDA National Team

P.S. If you’ve never donated, or haven’t donated recently, please dig deep and give $500, $50, or as much as possible as an investment in progress. We understand that times are tough, and that the 1% has seized the lion’s share of all wealth. Of course we’re working to remedy that. We’re aware of the intolerable pressures on working people and those on fixed incomes. Unless you invest in progress now, your own situation will get worse, not better.

We’re here to help you make progress in your state and locality! If you need any help organizing a new PDA chapter or energizing your existing chapter, please contact PDA’s Field Team. They can help you post your meetings and events onto the PDA calendar, and otherwise help your chapter thrive! Don’t delay, start organizing now to make a real difference where you live! We’re here to help!