Can the Democrats win the 2022 midterms? Yes, here’s how…

Jan 9, 2022 | PDA News

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team


Sustain the Campaign that will Transform America
with Progressive Victories in 2022


We, at PDA, do not accept the current conventional wisdom that Democrats will lose the 2022 midterms. In contrast, we’re confident that Democrats can hold onto their House majority and gain seats in the Senate—but only if progressives have a strong primary season. Why is that? It’s simple. Progressive policies are not only popular, they are exciting. They represent something new, a serious attempt to address the ills of society by foregrounding the concerns of average Americans.

If progressives have a great primary season, then the Party will be recast as an agent of change in November. So, do progressives have what it takes to win primary elections across the country? Let’s take a look:

Political campaigns are complex operations. However, at the most fundamental level, they require three elements:

  1. A strong candidate. Progressives are looking great here, with exceptional candidates running for Congress across the land. PDA will be announcing a record number of endorsements over the next two months.
  2. A compelling platform. We can check this box, too. Polling consistently shows that progressive policies are very popular with the American people.
  3. The resources to run a successful campaign. This is where our opponents believe they have the upper hand, that they can raise so much money they can defeat progressives through state-of-the-art misinformation campaigns. How do we overcome this cynical approach? The answer is simple: people power.Progressives currently have a virtual monopoly on enthusiasm and passionate conviction among Democrats. Yes, money remains necessary to organize any campaign, but mass participation and small sustaining donations—not major donations and dark money—are the foundation for successful progressive campaigns.

PDA will, in effect, be running an uninterrupted national campaign for the entire year (a Georgia run-off will likely take us through December again), supporting progressive candidates in every nook and cranny of this vast land.

As in an individual candidate’s campaign, nothing helps PDA’s national campaign more than recurring monthly donations. PDA’s sustainers are like family. Join the PDA family today.

Onward to Victory in 2022!