Call your Senators re: Medicare Expansion and RSVP for Sunday’s Healthcare Emergency Town Hall

Jul 9, 2021 | PDA News

In solidarity,
Dr. Bill for the PDA National Team

Call Your Senators re: Medicare Expansion and
Join Our Healthcare Emergency Town Hall
Sunday, 4pm ET/1pm PT


Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) would like to call attention to the fact that global deaths from the #COVID-19 pandemic have now passed the 4 million mark. Hot spots around the world continue to be ravaged especially by variant strains, and especially where vaccinations have been restricted either by access, such as in the global south, or by culture such as in deeply Republican regions of the U.S. Again, this is both needless and shameful.

COVID19If the U.S. were to lead, as we should, on this national and international public health crisis, we would first be expanding Healthcare here at home with a #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll system, and second, practice #VaccineInternationalism abroad in earnest. How many precious lives and valuable resources would we then save?

So, once again it’s time for us to lead the leaders.

Step 1: Call your U.S. Senators right now and tell them that you want Medicare Expansion written into the new budget reconciliation package, including lowering eligibility age, adding benefits of dental, vision, and hearing, and the ability of Medicare to negotiate drug prices to reduce costs. Please let us know you acted.

2) Join us once again for the PDA Healthcare Emergency Town Hall Sunday 4p ET / 1p PT. This Sunday July 11, our guest is candidate for CA Assembly and SP/MFA CA coalition organizer Pilar Schiavo, and next Sunday July 1, we welcome candidate for Congress former OH StateSenator Nina Turner!

Please volunteer and donate to make all of this happen.

Hope to see you Sunday!

PS: See previous Town Halls archived on YouTube here.