Busy Week! Check Out What We’ve Been Up To And Join Us This Week

Nov 25, 2017

By   Mike Fox for Donna, Mike H., Amos, Janis, Deb, Bryan, Kim, Dan, Judy, Dr. Bill and the rest of the PDA team

Lot’s Going On.  Dive In With Us!

First, we wish you and your’s the happiest of holiday seasons.  This time of year reminds us just how important our work is.

While we’ve continued our work to help defeat bigot Roy Moore in the AL special election, and to bring the Democratic Party kicking and screaming back to it’s FDR/Bobbie Kennedy roots, we’ve been very busy over the past week, and will continue to be busy standing for Dreamers.

A huge coalition effort is calling for events in support of Dreamers across the country at congressional offices Dec. 4th and 5th.  We hope you’ll not only plan on participating in one near you, but also hit the phone and emails hard today and early in the upcoming week.  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan will be meeting with Trump on end of the year issues on Tuesday, at 3pm.  We must let them know that we demand a clean DACA bill, either stand alone or as a part of the omnibus bill in December. No waiting until next year!  After hours voice mails are fine.  Just please make your voice heard!



Here are 5 other ways we’re having an impact right now, and so can you, wherever you live:

1) Get active with your local PDA chapter.  Contact dan@pdamerica.org

2) Join the Educate Congress Letter Drop Team.  Contact judy@pdamerica.org

3) Join the National Phone Team making easy calls from your home, like to Alabama to defeat Moore.  Contact mikefox@pdamerica.org
4) Make your clicks count with our action alerts on Inpeaching Trump, Stopping The Republican Tax BillGuaranteeing Healthcare For All,  Supporting The Dream Act (DACA), Protecting The Iran Nuclear Treaty, Insuring Net Neutrality, and getting us Off Fossil Fuels.

5) Contribute as much as you can to help us continue our work. right now.  We don’t have billionaire dark money donors.  We depend upon you to keep the lights on, and the fires burning.

There’s much to be done.  But if we all do as much as we can, we will succeed at making the world a more progressive and just place for all.

Let’s get to work!

In solidarity,

Mike Fox for Donna, Mike H., Amos, Janis, Deb, Bryan, Kim, Dan, Judy, Dr. Bill and the rest of the PDA team

PS:  Make sure you call the house and senate about DACA!