Building Back Better – w/ Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030 – Begins Now

Mar 28, 2021 | PDA News

In solidarity,

Alan Minsky for the PDA National Team

 On the Eve of the Infrastructure Bill, PDA Renews Its Call for America to Reject Fossil Fuel Investment and Subsidies


This Wednesday, President Biden is expected to announce the outline of his proposal for a multi-trillion dollar Infrastructure and Recovery Bill.

In the coming days and weeks, PDA will be working non-stop to make this all-important bill work for the people and the planet – please support our work with a monthly gift.

In the absence of Filibuster Reform, which would make possible the passage of other progressive priorities, the Recovery Act will be the defining legislation of this Congress since it can pass the Senate with only 50+1 votes.

This infrastructure package will have tremendous significance for many facets of American society: for education, manufacturing, transportation, water/sewage systems, the care economy, etc. – but perhaps, most significantly, it is the only piece of legislation eligible to pass through reconciliation that will have a major impact on U.S. climate policy.

PDA will be working side-by-side with our climate and environmental justice allies, demanding investment in renewable energy systems and in the frontline communities devastated by the oil and gas industries.  We call for an end to investment in, and subsidies for, the fossil fuel industry whose CO2 emissions are destroying our habitat.

This is hard work that takes non-stop organizing and constant vigilance (against the maneuvers of the oil and gas lobbyists and their elected servants) – but if you become a PDA monthly sustainer, we can get it done.  The time is now to win this most essential battle for humanity and the planet.

Thanks so much for all you can do.