Breaking: Peaceful sit ins and more for voting rights today and beyond. Join us!

Jun 22, 2021 | PDA News

In solidarity,

Dan O’Neal and Mike Fox for the PDA National Team

For the People Act – Yes!
Filibuster – No!
Rallies and Protests in
Arizona, West Virginia, D.C., and More!


As you read this activists in Arizona, including local elected officials and PDA members are participating the time honored tradition of the civil rights movement.

A direct action sit-in and protest is happening at Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s Phoenix office with the purpose of changing her almost dogmatic support of the archaic Senate Filibuster. Similar actions lead by the Poor Peoples Campaign are set for Joe Manchin’s West Virginia offices.

There will be a floor vote in the US Senate as soon as today on the For The People Act (S1) designed to secure voting rights that Republican State Houses and Governors are stripping from folks across the country. The bill will help make voting more fair and equal across all 50 states.

It’s likely that it won’t pass without action on the filibuster as well.

Just Democracy — a liberal coalition based in D.C. — will be running TV ads in Arizona.  In a press release on Monday they urged Senator Sinema to choose voting rights for Black and Brown Arizonans, Not the Jim Crow Filibuster.  The release included a statement from Arizona PDA leader Patti Serrano, who said, “Senator Kyrsten Sinema, time is running out. It’s either the Jim Crow Filibuster or Democracy, you can’t have both.  We choose Democracy, the people of Arizona have decided and expect delivery on promises.”

We’re being inspired nationwide by the folks in Arizona and West Virginia, and are part of a massive coalition effort hosting events all over the country and more.  Here are ways to get involved:

1) Call (best) or email your Senators right now, and tell them to pass the For the People Act (S1), and to eliminate the filibuster if Republicans choose to use that tactic against our rights to vote.  Let us know when you make the calls.

2)  Join a local Deadline For Democracy event.  Send us your city, state, and zip and we’ll get you connected.

3) If you’re in SC, NC, WV, VA, or DC, join a Freedom Riders event anchored by BlackVotersMatter

4) Can’t get in the street?  Then join our phone effort as we contact PDA folks in targeted states to make sure they’re active.

5) Please donate what you can to help us promote voting rights for all.

Thanks so much for all that you do.