Break Out Of The Silos—Unity For Victory

Jul 25, 2020

photo: Rev. Jesse Jackson with John Nichols
Progressive Central 2016 in Philadelphia

In solidarity,

Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Donna, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Dr. Bill, Dan, and Janis—your PDA national team.

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PDA is convening the 4th Progressive Central summit in the coming weeks. This year, we’ll hold virtual sessions, once again featuring elected officials, experts, and other leaders, presenting on the most imperative issues and actions.

In 2008 we gathered in Denver, in 2012 in Charlotte, and in 2016 in Philadelphia. These conferences helped unite progressives working across a wide range of critically important issues.

All progressives and progressive organizations would benefit from this opportunity to gain exposure and make contacts among activists, grassroots organizations, and elected officials. We’ll convene to discuss best practices, strategies, and tactics to win our political struggles.

We have the numbers, and overwhelming support for our agenda—Green New Deal, Medicare For All, Fair and Transparent Elections, Jobs For All, Emergency Action on the Climate, Ending Wars And Occupations, as well as Guaranteeing Racial, Social, and Economic Justice For All. Yet, unless and until we break out of our silos and unite our movement, the oligarchs and special interests will prevent progress.

We invite organizations and individuals to cosponsor Progressive Central 2020 at the Supporter level ($100), the Movement level ($250), the Leadership level ($500), or the Tim Carpenter level ($1000)in honor of PDA’s founder. Of course we welcome and appreciate every dollar.

PDA is all about building a grassroots populist progressive majority: join us in the movement we’ve been building since our launch in 2004.

We’re at a historic crossroads. The choices we make today will make all the difference for several generations to come. We all need do all we can to bend the moral arc of history toward justice.


P.S.: On November 3rd, Americans will choose leadership that will determine the course of our future on healthcare, climate, racial justice, redistricting, and so much more. We need your sustained, monthly donations to elect Progressive Democrats to Congress.