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Showdown On Immigration TOMORROW

photo: DREAMers Rallying In D.C. for a Clean Dream Act near the Washington Monument By  Mike Hersh and Dan O’Neal for Donna, Mike F., Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Judy, and Dr. Bill—your PDA National Team Tell Your Representative to Sign the “Discharge Petition” to...

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Amazing News On Equal Rights!

By Donna Smith, Executive Director - Progressive Democrats of America The Equal Rights Amendment Needs Just One More State For Ratification    Last night, Illinois became the 37th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, following Nevada’s ratification last...

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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to President Trump: Do Not Strike Syria

By Rep. Tulsi Gabbard - Press Release Washington, DC—Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) today called for President Trump to refrain from using military action against Syria that would expand and escalate the conflict, and likely result in additional civilian and military...

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World Health Day Predictions by Michael Moore

By  Michael Moore, Filmmaker and PDA advisory board member and Donna Smith, PDA Director On World Health Day, Michael Moore Sees Hope Today is World Health Day. Since its founding on April 7, 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) has worked to rid the world of...

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Removing Republicanism

By Vern Turner My wife and I attended the March for our Lives rally in Denver on 24 March. Tens of thousands of people attended the peaceful demonstration and march through the canyons of downtown Denver, Colorado, a “purple” state. It wasn't just the “...purple...

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Mobilize for Gun Safety and More!

By  Mike Hersh for Donna, Mike F., Dr. Bill, Janis, Deb, Bryan, Kim, Dan, Judy, Amos, Dave, and the rest of the PDA team Today, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is mobilizing in support of the student-led March For Our Lives in D.C. and across the USA. PDA was...

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Tell Congress: We Demand Equality!

By Donna Smith, Executive Director - Progressive Democrats of America, For the national team, Deb, Judy, Janis, Kim, Mike F., Mike H., Dan, and Dr. Bill In Her Honor, I Rise on This March 8th Celebrate International Women’s Day Progressive Democrats of America (PDA)...

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